An Excerpt From the SCN Annals

Posted by Kelly McDaniels

August 23, 2023

To continue our series on the importance of the SCN Annals, we share an excerpt from the Motherhouse Annals of 1925 where the annalist tells us of the resignation of Postmaster Ryan.

Sister Marie Michelle LeBray becomes Nazareth’s “Post Mistress”. Dr. Tuttle says that he will assure Senator Ernst that Sister will be satisfactory to democrats and republicans alike!


Annals are due September 30th. When you write your annals please be sure to include the year and the name and location of the community or your address if you are living independently. Include the names of all who are living at that location and specify each Sister’s ministries. The names of those in your faith groups are also a welcome addition. From there, record entries by date as you might in a diary or journal. If you think a happening is worth including, then it should be included! Archival Center staff has never yet discovered annals that were too detailed. Changes in ministries, notable visitors, special celebrations or events, illnesses, deaths, trips that you take, building renovations, and amusing anecdotes are all possibilities for things that you can include in your annals.

Please send all completed annals to Kelly McDaniels at the SCN Archival Center via email (, standard or campus mail, or feel free to stop by and deliver them in person — we’d love to see you!


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