Advocating rights, compassionate presence

Sisters Joicy and Beena reach out to the women, children, tribals, senior citizens, and other marginalized groups in Kakkavayal, India, through their ministry, Prathiksha. Prathiksha is an empowerment program addressing issues of unjust treatment, domestic violence, and other legal and economic deprivations.

Sister Joicy, the coordinator of the program, is an attorney, and in addition to her compassionate presence, she uses the existing laws of the country to ensure the rights of the marginalized people.

Together, Sister Joicy, Sister Beena, and their staff of field workers intervene in family issues and offer psychological and legal assistance to victims of domestic violence in Hindu, Muslim, Christian, and tribal communities.

Through seminars on legal rights, health issues, government programs, and conflict resolution, they help strengthen families and villages. They meet with individuals who are victims of injustice or domestic abuse and work toward a resolution.

In all of this, their ultimate goals are:

  • Tribal members will understand and feel empowered to exercise their rights.

  • Domestic issues will be resolved through mediation when possible, and through legal avenues when mediation fails.

  • In the long-term, these efforts will affect systemic change for tribal populations, ensuring an equitable and just place in society.

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