Young Sisters Acquire Writing Skills 

Posted by Spalding Hurst

June 27, 2024

Amidst the severe heat wave in Patna, Bihar, ten newly professed Sisters had the privilege to attend classes on writing skills conducted by Malini Manjoly, SCN, at Arunodaya in Patna from June 18-20, 2024. It was a part of their three-month Juniorate program organized by the Bangalore and Patna provinces. Arpita Mundamattam, SCN, Director of the Temporary Professed Sisters in Patna province is directly responsible for carrying out this program. Salomi Hembrom, SCN also joined the group.

We learned that writing is an art. The resource person, Sister Malini, told us that to be a good writer one must be a good reader which encouraged us to cultivate good reading habits. 

To be a good writer one must have a nose for news and commitment to the truth. One must have a certain amount of curiosity and reasoning power to gather data/information to write a good story. We learned that the lead in the story must have answers to the five ‘W’s and one ‘H’ – what, where, when, why, who, and how. 

The most common structure for writing the story is the inverted pyramid. It is a way to communicate the basics about a topic in the initial sentences. The inverted pyramid structure allows the readers to get as much information as possible, in the shortest possible time. The better the inversion, the better the interest of the reader would be, to proceed through the story.

SCNS Mary Tudu and Mariam Murmu writing the story.

While the lead should arouse the reader’s interest the body should sustain it. The body should flow smoothly and logically from the lead. 

With much difficulty, we acquired this skill by practicing writing. We wrote three stories for practice, one in a group of three and two individually. By the third one, we felt at ease incorporating all that we learned into our personal stories. 

Sapna Kullu, SCN

The highlight of these three days was writing proper annals. The topics covered were Congregational policy for keeping the annals and the purpose of writing it. We went through some of the given guidelines and techniques for writing annals as well as events and activities to be recorded.

Annals are a chronological record of events, typically written yearly, detailing the activities, accomplishments, and significant occurrences of an organization, institution, or community. In the context of religious communities, annals serve to document the daily life, milestones, and history of the community, ensuring that important events and decisions are recorded for future reference and historical preservation.

Salomi Hembrom, SCN, viewing the photos she took on her phone camera.

We were fortunate to learn a few tips to take good photos with our mobile phone cameras. We enjoyed clicking photos of one another. 

These three days of classes were a learning experience for us and it will be very useful for our future in the missions. In spite of the severe heat, we enjoyed the classes with Sister Malini and our companions. We also enjoyed the occasional fun and laughter

Written by SCNs Roshila Dungdung & Salomi Hembrom
For the Newly Professed Sisters

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  1. jessie saldanha

    Wonderful dear Malini , Arpita & team, well done !!! more of such opportunities to our young sisters will enhance their reading & writing skills & build self confidence. Need of the day !
    which certainly needs perseverance & resilience to adhere to it & put it into practice.
    All the best our dear young sisters , you are our hope , keep it up!! Blessings .


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