World Water Day

Posted by Dana Hinton

March 22, 2023

The day before World Water Day, the Department of Social and Environmental Justice held a sharing on Clean Water Opportunities. Sister Joetta Venneman and Americorps Member Julia Cordts highlighted similarities between the Sisters’ corporate stance on water, the Intertribal Water Gathering Water Proclamation, and topics that will be brought up at the UN Water Conference. As part of the sharing, Sisters were asked to reflect upon a commitment that they have made or could make to increase affordable and accessible clean water for others. This parallels the UN Water Conference Water Action Agenda that is expected as part of the outcome of this conference. Please add your water commitment at

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  1. Martha Walsh SCN

    Praying incoming storm treads lightly on Louisville and KY areas. News in MA. predicts a very big rain. Love, S. Martha


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