Gather the Wisdom
Weave the Dream

Sunday afternoon began with the Delegate Workshop, opened by the Province Leadership Team. Sister Mary Elizabeth Miller welcomed the delegates and introduced Facilitator Marge Kloos, SC. Sister Sharon Gray led the Assembly Prayer. Sister Barbara Flores reviewed the Modes of Participation.

Sister Marge reviewed the role of the Delegates, Assembly Intentions and the agenda. Sister Mary Elizabeth then explained the Amendment to the Bylaws and the Amendment to the Western Province Government Plan.

The Assembly was officially opened by Sister Mary Elizabeth. The Opening Ritual was led by the Prayer Committee, who weaved in the Assembly theme in a creative way. A “wise weaver woman” used her loom as her “apprentices” danced with yarn throughout the room, weaving the attendees together. Assembly Secretary Judy Raley, SCN, called each delegate by name.

The Assembly room walls are dressed with photos of the SCNs who have passed since the last Western Province Assembly. The 94 photos are woven together with yarn.

The day concluded with announcements from Steering Committee Co-Chairs Anne Marie O’Shea and Brenda Gonzales.