Volunteers Help Families in David, KY

Posted by Kacie Emmerson

July 12, 2023

From July 6-9, a group of volunteers traveled to David, Kentucky, to make a difference in the lives of those in need. With participants hailing from Florida, Georgia, Ohio, and Kentucky, the diverse group of five volunteers and Assistant Volunteer Program Director Ellen Sprigg joined forces to collaborate with St. Vincent Mission — a longstanding outreach and resource center for the local community. 

The group had the privilege of working with two families needing assistance. The first family consisted of grandparents raising three grandchildren. In a previous mission, another team had built an additional room onto their trailer, and this time, the volunteers carried out further renovations to help maximize the available space. Throughout the process, genuine connections were formed.

“It was really beautiful to see that our missions are not just about the work but also about the relationships we build,” Sprigg said. 

The second family they encountered was a man who had spent three years living under a bridge while experiencing homelessness. Fortunately, he acquired property from his parents, and his neighbor and cousin lent their support to help him rebuild his life. Prior to the volunteers’ arrival, another team from St. Vincent Mission had put up drywall and flooring for his home, and the current team completed additional touches by mudding. The resident actively engaged with the volunteers throughout the week and expressed deep gratitude for their efforts.

While at the worksite, the generosity and warmth exuded by the owners of this picturesque oasis in the woods left a lasting impression on the volunteers.

As the trip drew to a close, the volunteers paid a visit to Natural Bridge and shared a spiritual moment, reading scriptures and reflecting on the positive experiences of the week. The goal was to carry forward the loving spirit they encountered during their journey and let it guide their future actions. Throughout the trip, the volunteers were moved by the heartwrenching stories shared by families they helped and the heartwarming connections they formed.

The recent trip also attracted three brand-new volunteers to the SCN Lay Mission Volunteer program. Among them were a brother-sister duo, John and Lisa Walters, who were looking for ways to give back with their time. The experience left an indelible mark on them.

“Because of that great gift from God this trip, I have four wonderful new lifetime friends, precious memories and a renewed bond with my one and only brother,” Lisa said. 

By collaborating with St. Vincent Mission and embracing the spirit of selflessness, the volunteers were able to create positive change in the lives of the families they worked with. The trip was a transformative experience, leaving an everlasting impression on both the volunteers and the individuals they helped.

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  1. Marcie Heil SCNA

    A wonderful mission accomplished! Thank you for being present to those in need and being examples of love in action to all of us.


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