Volunteers arrive in Belize

Posted by Kacie Emmerson

April 26, 2022

On April 24, Sister Luke Boiarski and nine volunteers composed of the Kaucic family and their friends ventured off to Belize. They are building an 18′ x 20′ house in memory of Mary and Gus Kaucic. Lou Kaucic is sponsoring this build. Sister Luke and the volunteers are working in collaboration with Hand in Hand Ministries. Please pray for their safety.

The volunteers have a warm week ahead of them in Belize. They are prepared and ready to get to work! 


  1. Eugenie Coakley

    Praying for good weather, good work, and comraderie during your time in Belize! This type of tribute is a wonderful idea.

  2. Catherine (Jackie) Lee

    Thank you for your effort’s in helping so many people! It is wonderful. May God bless you and all those who are involved.


    Luke, dear, you are a marvel thank you dear volunteers , for your generosity and loving service inspired by Jesus lead by our great Luke.
    Blessings for all that you plan to do and Be

  4. Ann Palatty

    Indeed a marvellous gesture by the Kaucic family. Carol Kaucic can be proud of her relatives. God bless them.

  5. BettyBlandford scn

    Beautiful gift to a family in Belize! Thanks for being there! “They say if you drink the water you will return! Hope you return to see your gift lived in.

  6. Linda Soltis

    Praying for your safety and that it is a joyful experience. What a wonderful gift that will last that you are giving to a family.

  7. Phelomena Hembrom

    Praying for you that you may have safe trip. May God be with you.

  8. Anne Magruder

    You’re bringing blessings to this family. Hope you have a great experience

  9. Maggie Cooper

    So very happy to see your there in Belize! Hope you have a wonderful experience! What you are doing is wonderful!!! A FAMILY IS BLESSED WITH A HOUSE TO LIVE IN without worry! THANKS SO MUCH!! Enjoy the country and the PEOPLE!!!

  10. Louise Smith

    Keep safe and thanks for all you all are doing.

    • Ellen Sprigg

      Such and great team and leader! Praying for all those impacted by your giving!


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