Virtual faith group

Posted by Dana Hinton

April 20, 2020

by Dorothy Zimmerman, SCNA

Our Virtual Faith Group began out of a recognized need for companionship through a faith group for SCNs and SCNAs that are physically distant from one other. Our faith group has members from California, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Puerto Rico, Washington DC, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

We chose to use the “Zoom” technology so we could see one another during the meetings. It allows us to really see each other and recognize the facial nuances that can affect a conversation: the question, the confusion, the sorrow, and the joy.

Our conversations have been especially important to me over the past few months when we are all staying “healthy at home”. This connection is also an important part of my continuing spiritual growth and an essential part of my Associate relationship. I appreciate the Associate office setting up the Zoom meetings and supporting this technology. I would recommend this virtual option for any of the faith groups during this time that “physical distancing” is required.


  1. Connie Blake, SCNA

    Our group also includes Kansas so we truly do crisscross the country! Connecting via ZOOM has been such a blessing and also fun filled time. We have truly become “sisters”.

  2. Barbara Gilmetti


    Thank you for your gift of of sharing your talent of photography and technology. It was so good to see us altogether! We are a great group!

  3. Barbara Gilmetti

    Thank you so much for your leadership in our Faith group. This has been a wonderful experience for prayer and for building relationships from so many distant places.

    I am so happy to be a part of this wonderful group!.


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