University Students Assist Elderly in Belize

Posted by Kacie Emmerson

January 17, 2023

LIFE was blessed this week as PT and OT students from Alvernia University and Bellarmine University joined us to serve seniors on the Southside. Students, along with their professors, visited seniors in their homes to work with them. They educated them on overall health, showed them ways to maximize movement, minimize pain, exercise joints, and cared for wounds.

The visit was a long-awaited one as it has been three years, due to COVID-19, since the group made a visit.

The relationship between Alvernia University and Bellarmine University is a mutually beneficial one. LIFE is always looking for ways to offer quality services to its seniors, while these universities are looking for organizations to offer their services to so that students can get the experience they need.

We at LIFE would like to thank these universities for always remembering us and for the time, energy and money they put into offering quality service to our seniors.

Information shared by Carlette Gentle, SCN, MCSW



    As an alumni of bellarmine and a product of Louisville catholic schools it is very encouraging to me to witness how SCN and Archdiocese of Louisville students and my alma mater are reaching out. Thank you. I support you all always!

  2. Herman axelrod

    This effort was truly a gift where everyone played a significant role. We’ll done students, faculty, and seniors.

  3. Linda Soltis Soltis

    It does my heart good to know that there are young people who willingly give of their time and service to help others. What a wonderful learning experience for them. Carlette you deserve a lot of thanks for making this all happen.

  4. Luke

    What a wonderful experience . A time cherished by your elders and the students. I am so very proud of
    you !!!

  5. Mary. K. A

    This is education in its true sense. Breaking barriers of every kind and growing in compassion and empathy for the people of the world. Keep it up.

    • Anne Magruder, SCN

      What a a wonderful experience , both inter generational and intercultural, So proud of our Belize community,

  6. Tess Browne

    Carlette, thank you for sharing. A beautiful, intergenerational, intercultural and mutual encounter for seniors and students. LIFE , Alvernia & Bellarmine in a healing arts experience. ¡Viva!

    • Brenda Gonzales

      Glad you had some added help at Help.


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