Triumph in Motion

January 22, 2024

Marian English Medium School showcased its Annual Sports Meet with great zeal and enthusiasm on the expansive grounds of Marian in the serene locale of Green Valley, Anakkampoil, on Dec. 21, 2023. The event was graced by the esteemed presence of Mr. Jibin Sebastian, an International Athlete renowned for his prowess in the 400-meter category, who served as the chief guest. The Guests of Honour included Fr. Augustine Pattaniyil, the Parish Priest of Anakkampoil church, and Mr. PT. Augustine, a distinguished Kerala State Sports Council member, who presided over the function.

The School Band, led by Master Agnel Joe Mathew, welcomed the guests to the ground with a melodious performance. The proceedings commenced with a prayer dance and a warm welcome speech. The event unfolded with grandeur, featuring the March Past, Drill, flag hoisting, lighting of the Olympic Torch, and the official declaration of the opening of the Sports Meet by the Chief Guest. The release of a dove into the air by the Chief Guest symbolized peace and freedom, adding a solemn touch to the ceremony.

The event included a series of track events and vibrant displays by each school class. The creative class displays captivated the audience with their imaginative use of colorful props synchronized with dance performances. “Set Your Goals High and Don’t Stop till You Get There” was the theme of the day, instilling a sense of determination in every participant. The relay events, notably the 4×100 and 4×400, showcased the athletic prowess of different houses, garnering thunderous applause from the spectators.

The Chief Guest admired Marian School’s infrastructure, particularly commending the presence of a CBSE school in an interior village like Anakkampoil. In their respective addresses, all the guests emphasized the pivotal role of sports in students’ lives, highlighting its potential to keep them physically active and mentally focused, thus steering them away from excessive use of mobile phones.

Parents reveled in joy as they witnessed their children being honored with medals for their outstanding performances. The festivities continued with a celebration of Christmas featuring plays, dances, and carols. They then concluded the day on a note of deep satisfaction and gratitude to God, leaving hearts filled with joy and appreciation for the memorable event.


  1. Susan Gatz

    Swarna, what a fun and meaningful celebration! Congratulations!

    • Swarna

      Thank you sister

  2. Ann Palatty

    Congratulations, Swarnalata.

  3. Ann Palatty

    Congratulations , Swarnalata, staff and students. May they continue to triumph.

  4. Rekha, SCN

    Heart felt Congratulations to the Principal, Staff and the students !

  5. Saleth

    Well done Sr. Swarana ,staff and students. Set your goals and achieve .


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