Triple Jubilee Celebration

October 21, 2023

In a joyous and heartfelt gathering, the Patna Province marked an extraordinary Triple Jubilee Celebration at the serene Nazareth Convent in Mokama on Oct. 21, 2023. This special occasion commemorated the remarkable milestones of eight dedicated Sisters who have served with unwavering devotion.

The day commenced with a soul-stirring Eucharistic Celebration, commencing at 10:00 a.m. within the hallowed confines of the convent chapel. The esteemed Rev. Fr. Robert Kumar, Parish Priest of Mokama Parish, presided over the ceremony, accompanied by two assistant priests from Mokama Parish and Fr. Joseph Sebastian, S.J. from Patna, who concelebrated the Holy Eucharist.

The Jubilarians, each representing a different stage of their consecrated journey, were honored with a graceful entrance dance led by the Candidates. As the main celebrant approached, he was welcomed with a ceremonial washing of hands, arati, and tika. Sr. Anita Murmu, Jr. eloquently introduced the significance of the Eucharistic celebration before the lighting of the ceremonial lamp, a symbolic act performed by the main celebrant, Sister Latika (Provincial), and three of the Jubilarians.

The readings for the occasion were thoughtfully selected, with the first reading drawn from Leviticus 25: 8-19 and the Gospel reading from St. John 10:11-18. In his inspiring homily, Fr. Reeni, the assistant Parish Priest, drew poignant parallels between the years of dedicated service rendered by the Jubilarians and the qualities of good shepherds. He emphasized that this Jubilee celebration was a fitting expression of gratitude to the Almighty for His abundant love and blessings showered upon each of the Jubilarians.

The angelic voices of the choir, led by Sister Sushma Bodra and her team, resonated through the chapel, uplifting the hearts and minds of all participants in a deeply spiritual manner. The Jubilarians actively participated by reading, offering intercessory prayers, and conducting the grand maha arati during the doxology. The congregation, which included Sisters, Novices, Candidates, and Associates, was moved by the beautifully adorned altar and the surrounding decorations, which radiated beauty, joy, and a tranquil ambiance, perfectly encapsulating the theme: “Symphony of Gratitude.” The Eucharistic celebration concluded with the heartfelt song, “Jubilate everybody, serve the Lord in all your ways,” followed by the endearing tradition of garlanding the Jubilarians and capturing cherished memories through a joyful photo session. The Eucharistic celebration came to a close at 11:30 a.m.

Following the spiritual proceedings, everyone gathered outside the chapel in a beautifully decorated mandap (tent) for the eagerly anticipated cake-cutting ceremony and a heartfelt felicitation. Warm wishes flowed as attendees formed a line to congratulate the Jubilarians, and the festivities continued with song and dance, accompanied by the rhythmic beat of the drum. By noon, the Jubilarians, escorted by the jubilant crowd, made their way to the dining room, where all relished a lavish meal and cherished each other’s company.

The Cultural Committee had meticulously arranged an entertainment program that included a rich variety of performances, such as songs, dances, and skits, lasting for an enchanting hour and a half. Sisters from diverse communities, spanning both the young and the experienced, graced the stage with their talents, captivating the audience with their performances. Jubilarians Lilly Beck and Rosita extended their heartfelt gratitude during this program, thanking all the committees, the Leadership Team, and the Sisters and friends who had come together to create a truly memorable day on October 21, 2023. The program was masterfully anchored by Sister Sushila Telra and Sister Mukta Chunki, who kept the audience engaged and enthralled throughout.

In a special note of appreciation, Sister Latika commended the Jubilee committee, comprising young members, for their hard work, creativity, and exceptional performance. With the strains of the National Anthem marking the end of the festivities, the celebration concluded at 2:45 p.m., leaving all present with hearts full of gratitude and cherished memories of this remarkable Triple Jubilee Celebration.


  1. Ann Moyalan

    Hearty Congratulations Dear Dimond, Golden and Silver Jubilarians ! Thank you for your great committed lives. We are proud of you & pray for abundance of blessings as you march forward in LIFE !!!

  2. Maggie Cooper

    Congratulations to all! What a great celebration! Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  3. Maggie Cooper

    Congratulations to all! What a special occasion! Thanks for sharing!
    Special blessings to each you!

  4. Rosemarie Kirwan

    Best wishes to each of you, Sisters, is the celebration of your jubilees, and to all who were involved in creating the celebration for them.

  5. Louise Smith

    Congratulations and blessings to all involved. You all know how to celebrate. Thanks for sharing.

    • Sr vandana

      G reat and fantastic. CongratulTions to al


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