In Belize Living Independently in Full Existence (LIFE) aims to improve the quality of life of seniors living in the Southside of Belize City. On this day, LIFE would have had its annual Christmas party, but because of COVID-19, they could not gather. Instead, Sister Carlette Gentle helped lead the effort to take the party to the seniors.

Sisters Carlette thanked the staff on Facebook, “We cooked up the meal thanks to Gloria Codd who made rice and beans, chicken, ham, potato salad, stuffings and, cranberry sauce. Freshly squeezed orange juice was made by Nats Reyes, Sherhena Flowers and Lyndon Gentle. Hampers containing flour, rice, beans, brown sugar, powdered milk, sausage, maggie soup, ramen, Mac and cheese, cornflakes, oats, shortening, baking powder, soap, soap powder, toilet paper, clorox were packed by our CHWs Nats Reyes, Jenisha Pretty Mol, Olga Gordon, Sherhena Flowers, Kimara Card, and Sister Kerry Rowland. Black cake and white cake were also a part of the special celebration. Thanks to our driver Lyndon Gentle who assisted with all the heavy load, packing the truck, driving us around to pick up and deliver.”

“Thanks, everyone for helping with the planning. Without your help, we would not have been able to pull this off. When our seniors are happy we are happy. Thank you all so much and season’s greetings to all of LIFE’s seniors!”