Table Foosball Inauguration at Navjyoti Centre

Posted by Kacie Emmerson

March 21, 2023

Dr. Prakash Pradhan from Tribhuvan University and Umesh Ghimire, founders of Nepal Table Foosball Association (NTFA), inaugurated the table foosball at Navjyoti Centre on March 9, 2023. The inauguration was held in the presence of Nepal Nazareth Society representative Chirendra Raj Satyal, children, staff and SCNs Maya Amolik, Philomina Bading and Lisa Perekkatt. 

NTFA is a nonprofit organization promoting foosball as an inclusive sport in Nepal. The nonprofit is also affiliated with the International Table Soccer Federation (ITFS), which aims to promote foosball as a community sport for all ages and genders. Foosball helps to activate the neural system of people battling with neural disturbances, addiction of electronic gadgets and lack of concentration issues caused by mental health and behavioral health issues in Nepal. The organizations encourage participation from all members of society including persons with special needs.  

Dr. Prakash Pradhan shared the importance of playing foosball with those present at the inauguration, saying it helps to improve thinking, coordination of hands, eyes and head, etc. This will help to get rid of addiction to mobiles and social media. It helps to cultivate unity and family spirit. 

Navjyoti Centre (Children with special needs) is the first institution where Table Foosball, first of its kind, is being installed in Nepal. This game is played usually by mainstream children and adults in restaurants, party places, schools, banks, etc. 

Trampoline (outdoor) is another attraction for children these days. The children are so excited and overjoyed with this new play item. These were possible with the generosity of one of our benefactors. We are indebted to Wilhelmina Ebbelaar (known as Willy) from Netherlands for availing these play items for our children. 

Information and photos shared by Lisa Perekkatt, SCN


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