Stunned Sisters worldwide watch as Russia invades Ukraine

Posted by Spalding Hurst

February 25, 2022

Sisters working at the United Nations watched events unfolding with alarm and even incredulity.

“I am forced to look at this flawed organization devoid of any powers to protect ‘We the Peoples of Ukraine’ who are confronted with the military might of President Putin and his ambitions for empire building,” said Sr. Teresa Kotturan of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, Kentucky, who represents the Sisters of Charity Federation at the United Nations.

“The people of Ukraine are to be sacrificed to achieve his goal — erase boundaries and annihilate their identity. It is unconscionable,” she said in a Feb 23 email. “Where is our humanity and solidarity?”

She added: “I am angry, dismayed and saddened; in fact powerless, for advocacy has no room in the face of arrogant military power. Instead, in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, I lift my heart in prayer, begging God to intervene. Miracles can still happen, in the guise of diplomacy.”

Read the full story at the Global Sisters Report.


  1. jessie saldanha

    The out break of this war in Ukraine is indeed Shocking, sad & heart rending..which has affected the local society & all of Europe. In-fact no words to explain this cruelty to our own fellow human beings. Nightmare for all the civilians who are living there & to their loved ones across the world. Helplessness, anger , grief….as I watch the TV news..
    Yes only God is our hope , to intervene at his point, for a miracle.. through our prayers to stop this aggressor.Let us also pray for the many organizations who are providing shelter, food for the homeless who are risking their own lives. Let us storm the heavens to cease this war & for peace across both countries. Lord in you , through you all things are possible !
    Thank you Teresa for your comments. Certainly stirring with in for action…

  2. Camille Panich

    Thank you for your comments – sensitive and on target. We are all joined in prayer for an end to this abomination, for safety and freedom for the people of Ukraine.

  3. Ann Palatty

    We are all praying for God’s protection for those innocent people who are victims of arrogance and hard hearted ness . One of the Ex Students of Nazareth Academy, Gaya, Felix Pinto, is in Ukraine posted as an Air Force pilot. He is trying to help the stranded Indians to escape from Ukraine. May our God of peace and wisdom infuse the leaders with these virtues.

  4. Maggie Cooper

    Teresa, we are with you in pain and prayer! It is truly tragic. The world is starting to rally around the Ukrainians. I, too, am praying for God’s intervention. Strategy-wise we feel helpless.


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