Students Recognized in Surkhet

Posted by Kacie Emmerson

September 12, 2022

Navjyoti School, Surkhet, participated in the British Council International School Award Program. Despite lockdown, students completed several projects. As a result, the school was honored for winning the Foundation Award on International Literacy Day by the Education Department of Birendranagar Municipality.

Sister Elizabeth Lobo, SCN, principal of the school, said this was the first time Navjyoti School has been accredited to the ISA program. The projects the students worked on included understanding waste management, learning about domestic violence issues and responsibilities toward senior citizens, collaborating with schools in India, learning entrepreneurial practices and more.

“I see a great difference among our students of doing all these activities. The students were lively, active, excited, and learned the skills of collaboration, leadership, and teamwork,” Sister Elizabeth said. “It also has built a strong relationship among the students and the students of international schools. Though there were several hurdles, especially due to the lockdown, our teachers, parents, and students cooperated to make this project a success.”


  1. Martha Walsh SCN

    Congrats to your school and great to see a picture of you! S. Martha. Remember West Roxbury days with us in MA??

  2. Stella

    Very creative and practical. Congratulations Elize and team. You made use of the lockdown time very well.

  3. Ann Palatty

    Congratulations, Elise, for providing such mind broadening experiences to your students. Keep up the spirit of collaboration and innovative ways of learning.

  4. Sr. Deepti SCN

    Congratulations Elize!

  5. Sister Vijaya

    Wonderful. Congratulations to the Navjyothi team .


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