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Posted by Spalding Hurst

November 1, 2022


For over 25 years, Sister Miriam Ann has received stamps from donors from all over the world. She spends most of her days cutting and sorting stamps. After Sister has prepared, packaged and sealed the many boxes of stamps, she takes them to a stamp collector. The stamp collector sends a check to Sister based not only on their weight, but if the stamps are foreign or from the United States. Sister Miriam is very proud of the money she has been able to raise for the SCN missions over the years.

As Sister is approaching the Golden Years, she has decided that she would like to stop her stamp ministry. If you, or an organization you are associated with, have been collecting and donating stamps to Sister, please know that your efforts have been appreciated. However, we are asking that Sister’s wishes to end this ministry be honored. Sister is looking forward to being retired at age 96 with plans to be a volunteer reader to other Sisters who are visually impaired.

Thank you for all you have done to contribute to the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth ministries. You are welcome to support the SCN missions in other ways. Check out this website to find out more about the many opportunities to support the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth and their worldwide missions.


Jenny Hicks
Director of Sister Services

When Sister Miriam Ann Walter moved to the Nazareth Motherhouse, she was determined to remain active. Over the years, she knew that the Sisters collected canceled stamps and sold them to a stamp collector. The proceeds support the missions of the Congregation. Upon her arrival at Nazareth, she learned that there was an opening in the stamp ministry, and she offered to help. Before long, she was the coordinator of the program. “That’s just how it happens for me,” she says with a hearty laugh. It is a job she loves.

First, stamps are sorted ­­— the flags, the commemorative, the foreign stamps, and many others. Then, on this day, Sisters at Nazareth had a stamp trimming party. Several Sisters helped trim the stamps, carefully removing any extra pieces of the envelope. Finally, Sister Miriam Ann gathers them, packages them, and seals them in boxes before taking them to a stamp collector. The stamp collector weighs them and sends a check to Sister Miriam Ann. “When I get the check, I open it and look at it. Then, I take it to the Motherhouse Coordinator and she looks at it. Then, it is sent over to the Office of Mission Advancement for the missions.”

Sister Miriam Ann is proud that she will be 93 years old on her next birthday. Her joy for life, her love for God and people, her boundless energy, and her dedicated commitment continue to be a source of inspiration and good in the world.

See more photos here.



  1. Chuck Maloney

    I am a lifetime stamp collector and dealer and am interested in purchasing used on and off paper postage stamps
    both from the USA as well as foreign stamps in bulk –that is by the pound (s)
    I am also interested in purchasing collections and lots .
    I purchased these items for many years from the Assemblies of God headquarters here in Springfield ,mo
    for many years until the program was sadly cancelled recently.
    I would be very greatfull to hear from you with respect to your position in this matter.
    Lastly any information with respect to other mission programs that you may be aware of would be of great interest to me.
    Chuck Maloney

    • Stacey Daniel

      I can send you cancelled stamps. Please let me know the address where they should be sent.

      • Swamy Iyer

        I would be interested in purchasing used USA stamps. Please contact me at
        Thank you!

  2. Gordon Ducote

    Do they want the presorted, usually uncanceled, non-profit stamps? Also, do they want the low value stamps sometimes attached to donation return envelopes?

  3. Miguel Medina

    hello and God bless,
    do you accept used modern day common flag forever stamps?

  4. Kathy Doscher

    Hello, I am just checking that the stamp program is still active.

    • Mary Elizabeth Clark

      Is this still active as a ministry 8/18/20022?
      Thank you,
      Sister Mary Elizabeth Clark
      138 Carpenter Lane
      Philadelphia, PA 19119


    Can you use “unused” 1cent postage stamps taken from envelopes which some charities send out as return envelopes?

  6. Joan Vindal

    Our beloved Sister Eileen Trainor passed away yesterday. She was a whirlwind and will be sorely missed by our parish. For many years Sister collected used postage stamps. I would like to continue this tradition in her memory and perhaps have more in the parish do the same. Do you have any literature or suggestions I might use?

    Joan Vindal, 57 South Devoe Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10705

  7. Carol Gaona

    Where can I send cancelled stamps? I didn’t think anyone was collecting them anymore. I have a few packets that I came across recently and was ready to throw them out when I thought I’d try the internet just “in case” there might be someone who wants them.

    Carol Gaona

    • Russell C Zukiewicz

      Where can I send canceled stamps to for your charity work ?


        Where can I send these cancelled U.S. commemorative stamps?

    • Sharon

      Send to:
      Sister Miriam Ann Walter
      Nazareth Stamp Ministry
      P.O. Box 3000
      Nazareth, KY 40048


    Where can I send cancel stamp. For your charity.

  9. Terri Angstead

    Where can I mail regular stamps and cancelled to?

  10. Alessandra L Pflumm

    Can you still use cancelled stamps. If so, where shall I mail them?

    Thank you,

    • Connie

      i have a shoe box full of cancelled stamps. Do you still collect them? If so, where can I send them?

      • Mary Ann Julian

        please confirm that cancelled stamps are still being collected and where to send them. Thanks.

  11. Sister Edwina Pope, ASC

    Sisters, I have lost my group of sisters that sent at least 4 to 6 USPS priority boxes. May I send you the cancelled stamps. I would hate to give them up to nothing, when someone else could make a little something for your missions. Thank you.

  12. Marie Seaman SFCC

    I am so happy to see how the cancelled stamp ministry works! I have saved stamps for the missions since I was a child and have often wondered whether it was worth the bother. I’m glad that Nazareth has such a ministry!

  13. Bill Neal

    Sister Miriam Ann is an inspiration to this old stamp collector! And I’m pleased to see that the collective stamp donations generate trimmer parties — looks like a time of goodies, good conversations, and interesting stamps. Keep up the good work — collectors appreciate it!!! And kudos to the photographer for capturing the good work being done.

  14. Cathy Stiltner

    Sister Miriam, so happy I got to see your operation several years ago with my mother. Have an envelope to send you, but not as big as usual. Thank you for being so dedicated and caring and carrying on the work Sister Rebecca use to do. Love and prayers to you all, Cathy S.

  15. Agnes wheeler

    Can I send cancelled stamps and what is the contact information?

  16. PATRICIA Corbin

    I love you Sister Miriam. I am so blessed that you are my friend. Love you,

  17. Maria Brocato

    Dear Miriam Ann, your dedication to helping the missions through your stamp collection ministry is inspiring to us.

  18. Louise Smith

    Thanks for all you do. Sister Miriam Ann you are wonder. May god help you to continue for many years.

  19. Rosemarie Kirwan

    There are so many ways in which we can support our missions. We thank you and all your trimmers for your efforts.


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