Season of Creation: “Listening to Creation” in Nazareth’s Woods

Posted by Carolyn Cromer

September 2, 2022

This Season of Creation, we are raising up the voices of those creatures and people whose voices too often go unheard. Some of those voices are in Nazareth’s spring woods, where ephemeral wildflowers litter the woodland floor and tadpoles emerge from their eggs. Join Carolyn Cromer, Kelly O’Mahony, SCN, and Julia Gerwe in this short video as they step into this corner of God’s creation. To watch the video, click the “play” arrow below.


  1. Sister Sharen Baldy Baldy

    I loved this video!! I wish I were with you so I could experience in person all that you experience. Thank you, Carolyn, for this wonderful video. I loved how you were able to pick up the egg sacks. Keep on sharing so much with us ! ! Thank you!!!

  2. Mary Anne Burkardt, SCN

    Thank you soooo much for this beautiful video on our beautiful Nazareth land! I may even try to imitate your tour! 🙂 Grateful Mary Anne

  3. Trudy Foster

    This reminds me of trips with Sr. Ellen Jane Dullea to study Spring wildflowers in Nazareth woods. She taught us such wonderful appreciation of the beauty of God’s creation.

  4. Elaine Adams SCNA

    Elaine Adams scna
    Thank you both for this lovely video. I wasn’t aware of these little treasures we have here at Nazareth. So awesome

  5. Bev Hoffman, SCN

    Thank you for such a lovely, educational and contemplative loving gaze of Spring in our own backyard! We are so grateful to be stewards of such beauty, and diversity. May we tread lightly, and gaze with awe and wonder of God’s creativity!

  6. Ann Palatty

    Creation sings the glory of Hod. What minute observations of Nazareth’s woods. Thank you. Carolyn.


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