Spiritual Enrichment and Commitment

June 10, 2024

A Fortnight Journey of Temporarily Professed Sisters in Bangalore

On May 25, 2024, 13 temporarily professed Sisters convened at Chandapura, Bangalore, embarking on a fortnight journey of spiritual enrichment. The program commenced with a profound 7-day retreat led by Fr. Sunil Britto, delving into the intricacies of Ecology.

This retreat served as a deep introspection, prompting each participant to recognize their interconnectedness within the vast cosmos. It instilled a profound sense of duty, urging them to become active stewards of our environment rather than mere bystanders. The insightful teachings of the Pope’s Encyclical Laudato Si’ permeated the sessions, fostering a deeper communion with all Earth’s creatures. Additionally, we were privileged to celebrate the renewal of vows by 14 temporarily professed Sisters on May 31, marking a significant commitment to each of us.

The program meticulously integrated sessions focusing on facets enriching religious life. Renowned TEDX talk speaker Jacinta Jayachandran shared her wisdom and personal encounters with Christ, challenging the temporary professed Sisters to be the face of Christ. Her emphasis on setting goals, practicing radical kindness, and embracing unconditional hope resonated deeply with the participants.

Sister Paska Mary, the Pre-Novitiate Director, delved into the vital role of Spiritual direction in religious life, elucidating her points with poignant life anecdotes. Theme-based activities injected vibrancy and youthfulness into the sessions, ensuring an engaging learning environment. Sister Mary Margret Nirmala, the Provincial of Bangalore Province, commended the temporarily professed Sisters for their unwavering commitment to God amidst the trials of the modern world, urging them to remain fervent in their interior life of prayer, and focussing on the road we are called to tread.

An insightful Q&A session on finance, facilitated by Sister Vimala Rani, the Treasurer of Bangalore Province, provided a platform for the temporary professed Sisters to address their queries regarding financial matters. This session ensured clarity and transparency.

The culmination of the summer program was marked by moments of reflection and communal sharing among the young Sisters. Sister Ann Moylan, the Director of the Temporarily Professed Sisters of Bangalore Province, spared no effort in imparting the SCN spirit to the participants. A cinematic experience followed by a delightful dinner outing added a touch of joy to the young Sisters’ journey.

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  1. Louise Smith

    What a great journey! It sounds that it was an amazing experience and very meaningful. Have a blessed day.


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