Snow at Nazareth

Posted by Spalding Hurst


January 19, 2024

In Nazareth, snowflakes descended upon the Motherhouse like prayers of peace, each a serene reminder of God’s presence, transforming the landscape into a tranquil canvas of divine grace.



  1. Richard Lohre

    Me and my wife enjoyed the 50th reunion of her class of Postulants of 50 years. The largest class ever to enter the
    Sisters Charity. I am truly greatful Her name was Patricia Fichlie she passed away 23 Years ago I was thankful to have her for 40 years of my life.

  2. Mary Medley Bonn

    Snow at Nazareth always brings back a favorite memory of novitiate days there: persuading Sr. Mary Daniel in the Big Kitchen to lend aspirants like Tootsie Gish, Kieran Medley and me a couple of large aluminum bowls to use for sliding down “laundry hill ” — an undertaking that caused even Sr. Mary Rosine to laugh out loud. Serenely beautiful as snow at Nazareth always is, I’ll forever remember it with a smile and with unending gratitude for my years there.

  3. Debra

    What a beautiful and serene overview Spalding! After contemplating what occurred to me, a wish. I wish for every snowflake to dissolve and rise up every prayer ever said upon the land. Let it be, Let it be. 🙏💕

    • Theresa

      Beautiful photo dated 1/19/202 the anniversary of Sr. Rita Spalding birth. Miss her still.

      • Theresa

        Photo dated 2024 UGH

    • Carmencita Latour Prado

      Love the picture I spend my 4 years of high school at Nazareth Academy I proudly belong to the class of 1957
      Went back with my daughter, my bff Sonia Galbis and her daughter to our 50 th year reunion
      We all came from Cuba to Nazareth went home Christmas and summers
      Came back to the USA after Castro 1960 has ever since lived in Miami Fla
      Very proud to be a Nazareth “girl”
      my second home


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