Small Initiatives Can Lead to Bigger Transformations

October 29, 2023

Cleanliness has always been a topic of debate in India. With a growing population, metropolitan regions face the challenge of maintaining the cleanliness of their cities. For many years, the cleanliness of Delhi, India’s capital, has been an issue of concern. The city has encountered issues with air quality, management of waste, and general hygiene.

The Indian government has initiated an array of endeavors to keep cities clean. Regardless of these efforts, the challenge of improper disposal and a lack of awareness still persist.

The SCNs of Delhi joined with government initiatives to raise awareness of cleaning the environment. Asha Deep Ujjval executed a Cleanliness Rally at Gazipur on Oct. 21, 2023. It was attended by over 80 people, including children and skill trainees.

A brief cleanliness awareness skit was given by nine volunteer brothers from Vidya Jyoti, College of Theology. They portrayed the significance of keeping one’s self, home, surrounding areas, and gutters clean. The skit also promoted proper waste management and plastic disposal.

The SCNs are embarking on small endeavors that will benefit the country and its people.




  1. Ann Moyalan

    Although it is a humble beginning of a cleanliness drive , this is one of the main issues of Gazipur slum. In the long run, many more people will join you. Congratulations Premila, Sarala & Team.

  2. Leena

    Congrats Pramila ! your efforts with brothers of VJ to bring awareness among slum dwellers is really good !
    Collect children for the cleaning of the surrounding is really a very tough job !

  3. Mary Gene Frank

    Thank you, what an enormous undertaking.


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