Sisters enter into pastoral ministry in Kenya

Posted by Spalding Hurst

June 10, 2021

Sisters Vinaya and Philo have been visiting Catholic families in outstations as they begin this new chapter for the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth and enter into pastoral ministry in the Kenya mission. The parish has five outstations and they have completed visiting three of them. As they study the communities they feel that people need primary evangelization. People love the Catholic Church and the churches are full on Sundays, but many of them are not baptized. Those baptized do not receive other sacraments. Many couples are customary married according to their traditions and many marriages are not blessed in the Church. No ongoing catechism. These primary visits will give the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth the direction and focus for their ministries in the future.

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  1. Michelle

    What a great beginning – listening to and reflecting on the lives of the people. A sacred needs assessment. Love and blessings!

    • Pastor Charleshweya Charles

      My brothers and sisters praise God from pastor chweya Charles of Grace holy church Baptist Nakuru town Barnabas Ebenezer centar,I take this opportunity to welcome you this coming holidays come and visit the children’s orphan home, name Bomwancha sef help children’s home group in nakuru county, also you can talk with people of nakuru at the ground of the church and on the shop ,we are happy to meet you, here God willing.

      Yours in Christ Jesus pastor chweya

  2. Ann Palatty

    Really the beginning of faith formation. Reminds me of our early days in Mokama. All the best.

  3. Blanche Correia

    Good starting into sacred Pastoral ministry
    My prayers are with you

  4. Amrita SCN

    Philo and Vinaya, very good beginning. You have touched on the real basics of life formation. We are with you in prayer.

  5. Betty Blandford scn

    Your post sounds like the beginnings of the early Christians as they visited their missions in the early church. You are true missionaries building the Church in Kenya. May God bless your ministry as he did the early apostles.

  6. Maggie Cooper

    Wow! How wonderful to hear about the beginning of your ministry there and your wonderful approach.
    Sounds like there are many needs.
    We are with you with love and prayer.

  7. Nancy Gerth

    Vinaya and Philo, I am so happy that you are out with the people! Such an exciting time! Hope you are well; know of my prayers.


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