Sisters begin novena for India

Posted by Spalding Hurst

May 3, 2021

In solidarity with all Sisters and people across India, the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth have begun praying a novena for India. United at Nazareth and across the Congregation this nine-day devotional prayer reminds Sisters they are one and together lifts up their hearts to God during this difficult time.

Gracious God of Compassion, we hold up to you our Sisters in India and their families, friends, and companions in ministry. We hold up to you the people of India, the workers, the farmers, the homeless, the children and the elderly, the most vulnerable and the fearful. We pray that during these days of unknown realities, these days of fears, these days of illness and death, we pray that your healing, comforting presence may embrace them and console them.


  1. Maria Brocato

    Our hearts ache and we pray as we watch the great grief of Mother India at this time.

  2. Nalini

    Thank you dear Sisters for the Novena prayer. As we are united in prayer, all our dear and near ones are comforted and and strengthened.

  3. Blanche Correia

    We feel supported and loved by all of you dear sisters at this time of struggles and pain .

    Grateful to each of you

  4. Sushma Bodra

    Thank you sisters for your prayers and being in solidarity with us.

  5. Reena

    Thank you dear sisters for being with us through your prayerful support and giving us courage and hope .

  6. Rita Puthenkalam

    We appreciate hugly your prayer for us, Scns, our collaborators & our people…

  7. Ankita

    Thank you sisters for praying for us and for India. This special novena and your prayers are much appreciated.

  8. Ann Palatty

    Thank you for being in solidarity with us. In prayer we stand together to relieve us from this national crisis.

  9. Judy Donohue

    Thanks for organizing this prayer novena. Ok


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