Sister Tess to Receive Labor Guild Award

Posted by Spalding Hurst

November 8, 2022

Marie-Thérèse “Tess” Browne, SCN, will receive the Labor Guild’s Fr. Ed Boyle award this year for her ongoing work with the Labor Guild to bring equality and justice in the workplace.

About the honor, Sister Tess says, “As long as we breathe, we can’t give up. As long as we eat, we are involved in the farmworker, migrant and immigrant struggle. My St. Katharine Drexel Parish, SKD-Social Justice Committee, the South Asian Worker Center, Women In Leadership Development, and the young people in labor studies and women building community classes inspire and keep me going!”

The Labor Guild’s annual awards for outstanding service in the eastern Massachusetts labor relations community was launched in 1967. It providea well-deserved recognition to individual practitioners for excellence and singular service in labor-management affairs and inspiration and education to the general labor-management community by showcasing outstanding contributors.

The event will be held online this year.


  1. Kitty w.

    Way to go, Tess. Thanks for all you do for justice. for the poor & neglected. You deserve the reward.

  2. Julie Driscoll

    Tess, I believe that anyone who knows your tireless work for justice over many years would shout out, “Well deserved! Congratulations!”

  3. Dot Jackson

    Tess I’m not surprised to hear that you have been
    recognized for the many years of service you give
    acting and speaking for justice among our people
    specifically for the poor and neglected. I know our
    God will continue to give you the strength and
    energy to continue speaking and acting for the
    neglected, voiceless and the forgotten among
    our country’s decision-makers Know that you
    are always in my prayers. Dot Jackson

  4. Ann Palatty

    Congratulations, Tess. Your tireless efforts to promote the dignity and equality of human beings are incredible. You surely deserve this award.

  5. Mary Braley

    Congratulations, Tess. Knowing you makes the award even more impressive! Sincere thanks for your tireless efforts in promoting equality and justice in the workplace. You are an inspiration!

  6. Theresa Knabel

    Congratulations, Tess, you represent us well.

  7. Barbara Joseph Lammers

    Tess, You have been a faithful worker for the rights of the farmworkers and others who labor to keep the rest of us fed and safe. Thank you and congratulations.

  8. Maggie Vargas

    Congratulations Tess! Continue the good work with God’s guidance and Blessings!!!

  9. Linda Soltis

    Congratulations Tess for a well-deserved award and recognition. Your untiring efforts on behalf of just and good working conditions for people is an inspiration to all of us.

  10. Charlotte Hazas, SCNA

    Congratulations, Sister Tess. Wonderful work!

  11. Marietta

    Congratulations Tess, so happy for you,,,,,,well deserving!😇🌷🎶💕🌿

  12. Eugenie Coakley scna

    Congratulations, Tess! Your lifetime commitment to worker justice is recognized. Thank you for what you have done and continue to do.

  13. Bev Hoffman, SCN

    Congratulations Tess! Thanks for all you do to promote just work conditions!

    • sarita Manavalan, scn

      Congratulations, Tess!

  14. Corrine Giel scn

    Awesome Tess. Blessings for you and for all that your presence empowers.

  15. Susan Ballard SCNA

    Congratulations Tess for all you do.

  16. Rosemarie Kirwan

    We’re proud of you for your continuing efforts to benefit those in the labor force. So many have benefited over the years from your work. May you inspire others to carry on your work.

  17. Dorothy & Clare

    Congratulations Tess. Thank you so much for being a voice for the voiceless.
    We are so grateful for you faithfulness to those who are marginalized.
    Love, Dorothy & Clare

  18. Christine Beckett

    Congratulations, Tess! An award so deserving. Thanks for your advocacy and commitment!

  19. Angie Shaughnessy SCN

    So glad you and your wonderful efforts are being recognized!

  20. Brenda Gonzales

    Thank you Tess for your ongoing advocacy for justice for ALL. Congratulations on your award.

    • Pat MacIsaac, SCNA

      Congratulations Tess,
      Well Deserved for all your hard work for justice for all!
      You work so very hard and we are all so proud of you!!!


    So happy for you. Congratulations

  22. Maggie Cooper

    Wow, Tess, how wonderful for your work in the area of justice in the labor relations to be recognized! It may help others to catch the vision!

  23. Sister Margaret Lillian, SCN

    Dear Sister Tess, Our deep gratitude for all you are doing to aid those in need. My love and prayers,

  24. Janice Downs

    Congrads, Tess! Thanks for all your efforts to promote just working conditions. Janice


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