Sister Rena Departs Nazareth

Posted by Spalding Hurst

August 16, 2022

After two months of collaborating and sharing in Nazareth amongst her peers in the Office of Mission Advancement, Sister Rena Fernandes begins her return travel on Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2022, at 1 p.m. (EDT) to the Eastern Provinces Development Office (EPDO) in Gurgaon.

Sister Rena spent time participating in all of the OMA planning meetings learning the different facites of the office and how it interfaces in many ways to the Congregation. “I was thrilled to see the unity and joy as they worked together to plan and create all the various fundraising and communications materials,” said Sister Rena.

Sister Rena says she was also fortunate to have the opportunity to join Sister Luke and volunteers on a trip to Mayfield and Beattyville, Kentucky, for tornado disaster relief. She also traveled to Michigan for a mission appeal.

Sister Rena is pictured here sharing experiences in the OMA office at Nazareth with Stephaine Lamar and Spalding Hurst.

“With all the knowledge and experience I have gained, I will now take this back to India and see how I can put this into practice. With help from Sisters, this will become reality,” said Sister Rena.

“I am blessed and privileged for this two-month experience with OMA at the Motherhouse. Thank you, Leadership Team, for such a wonderful opportunity. I am grateful to all those who have walked this journey with me. It has been enriching and provided such a wholesome experience. It means a lot to me! Thank you.”

Please keep Sister Rena in your prayers for her safe return and continued success in the EPDO as she works to inspire and unite people with the Congregation to further the SCN mission of helping others.


  1. Eugenie Coakley scna

    Safe travel Sr. Rena! I hope all the positive energy helps both EPDO and OMA continue to flourish.

  2. Ellen Sprigg

    We were so blessed to have Sr. Rena with us for these two short months! Her beautiful spirit will stay with us and look forward to seeing the great impact she will continue to make in India. Safe travels and Godspeed in your ministies!

  3. Spalding Hurst

    Sister Rena has brought great joy to the OMA offices at Nazareth. Her wisdom and experience has enlightened the whole team. We will miss being with her in person each day, but the collaboration will continue ever stronger now that we have had this time together. Blessings Sister Rena on your travel home and the journey ahead for the EPDO.

  4. Name *Joel

    Rena was blessed I think to get the best from our zealous missionaries SCN/ Associates!
    We wait for your return Rena!!

  5. Corrine Giel

    We enjoyed her visit to Pittsburgh. She joined us on a Friday evening to play cards. Great memories. I believe that she saw about as much of Pittsburgh in one afternoon as anyone could have.
    Safe travels and many blessings.

    • sarita Manavalan, scn

      Happy for you , Rena , for your experience. Continue giving your best . Blessings!


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