Sister Paschal: A Lifetime of Small Acts of Love and Service

Posted by Spalding Hurst

December 27, 2023

Sister Paschal, a remarkable woman who recently celebrated her 95th birthday, continues to exemplify the power of compassion and the profound impact of small acts of kindness. Despite her age, Sister Paschal remains dedicated to her lifelong ministry of helping others, albeit in smaller but equally meaningful ways.

The Ministry of Prayer

At this stage of her life, Sister Paschal’s primary ministry is prayer. With a heart full of empathy, she dedicates countless hours to offering prayers, particularly for refugees and migrants seeking refuge in unfamiliar lands. Her prayers extend to the local shelters that provide comfort and support to the unhoused individuals in her community. She firmly believes in the transformative power of prayer, offering solace and hope to those facing unimaginable challenges.

A Scholar of Compassion

Sister Paschal’s dedication to improving the world extends beyond the spiritual realm. She is an avid reader, and her choice of literature reflects her commitment to understanding and combating societal issues. She immerses herself in books that tackle the topics of racism and white supremacy, seeking to gain insight into the roots of prejudice that persist in our world.

Sister Paschal often engages in discussions about these challenging subjects during meals to encourage awareness and open dialogue among her fellow Sisters. Through these conversations, she aims to foster understanding and inspire action against the injustices that persist in society.

The Healing Touch of Sewing

Throughout her life, Sister Paschal has held a deep love for sewing. Today, this passion serves as a means of providing practical assistance and comfort. She dedicates her time to performing minor repairs for her fellow Sisters. But her true joy comes from creating soft and colorful lap blankets, which she distributes to those in need, whether it’s a homeless person seeking warmth on a bitter night or a hospital patient searching for comfort during a trying time.

Breaking Down Barriers through Language

Her recent accomplishment further demonstrates Sister Paschal’s commitment to enriching the lives of others: completing a two-year course in teaching conversational Spanish. She believes that introducing others to new languages and cultures enhances understanding and unity. Her teaching becomes a bridge that connects people from diverse backgrounds and fosters a deeper sense of community.

The Enrichment of Small Acts

In her modest room, Sister Paschal reflects on her life and ministry. “There is so much suffering in the world,” she often says. “And while I may not have the strength to carry the world’s burdens on my shoulders, I can make a difference through these small acts of love.” She understands that collectively, these acts form a tapestry of compassion that spans the globe.

As she closes her eyes each night, Sister Paschal offers a final prayer for the countless suffering souls worldwide. With a heartwarming sense of fulfillment, she knows that these small acts enrich her life, and she firmly believes that they leave a lasting impact on the lives of those in need.

Sister Paschal’s unwavering commitment to compassion and service serves as an inspiration to us all. Her story reminds us that even the smallest actions can create positive change in a world in desperate need of kindness and love.


  1. Mary Louise Edwards,OP

    Sister Pascal was my first grade teacher in 1950 at St. Philip Neri School in Louisville, Ky. Later I would learn that we were her first class so you might say we began together. Besides all the new experiences of a first grader my most memorable was being on the playground at recess. What is not to love about recess, but if you were in the lucky spot to hold Sister Pascal’s hand at recess you knew she had the softest hands.

    First grade provided me with a great start in school, but #1 was having Sister Pascal as my teacher.

    On behalf of all your students who knew your soft hands and tender heart. Thank you.

  2. Thomas Kirchberg, Ph.D.

    Sister Paschal, You and your loving ways have been inspiring me for many years! Congratulations on your recent 95th Birthday !


    Dr. Thomas Kirchberg

    • Carlette Gentle

      Sister Paschal is a beacon of light for me. She teaches by her action. Thanks for all you do and for all the lives you impact 💕.

  3. JC McBride

    Simply beautiful! Thank you, Sister. Lord we ask you to bless Sister and all religious who pray for all sinners throughout the world and our conversion, and all those who are suffering.

  4. S. Rita Davis

    Thank you Paschal for sharing all your talents with so many people.
    Rita D., SC


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