Sister Evelyn Fugazzi’s Touch

Posted by Ava Culver

January 18, 2024

Sister Evelyn Fugazzi, who resides in the Motherhouse in Nazareth, Kentucky, reached out to Saint Cecilia Parish in Boston, Massachusetts. Her words resonated as the priest acknowledged her during the liturgy’s opening. Her letter added a meaningful touch to the service, emphasizing her care and connection with the parish community. You can watch it all unfold in the live recording from the Mass below.


  1. John Helm

    The video was touching and inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Toni Vano

    Sr. Evelyn, I so enjoyed this special moment! Isn’t that just like you! I miss you ~ and missed your Christmas letter this year. Waiting for your call…

  3. Truett Underwood

    How Beautiful! This made me smile 🙂

  4. S. Rita Davis

    I got to watch it with Ev in her bedroom. Loved it! I thought the priest there was very gifted as a homilist and had such a warm connection with the parishioners. The church was packed!+

  5. S. Rita Davis

    I loved watching it with Ev in her room recently. Loved it!

  6. Barbara Gilmetti

    This is MAGNIFICENT!

  7. Martha Walsh SCN

    Told myself no to Mass today with a windchill below zero and frostbite possible in 5 minutes. Instead I turned on computer to find you and Fr. Uni two friends of mine and Berkley College of music. Thanks.

  8. Sister Ann Susan SCN Villa

    Thank you, Evelyn. You have the very best nephew, priest in the Archdiocese of Boston who is an inspiration to everyone.
    Fr. Uni is a true Shepherd to his parishioners, and you are an inspiration to all of us, our SCN Community.

  9. Janice Downs

    Evelyn, you brought so much joy into the lives of your “nephew” and his parishioners when you inserted yourself into their parish life. Bless you! Janice

  10. Barbara Gilmetti

    Ev, you brought a lot of JOY to many people!

  11. Lukr

    I watched this video three times! I enjoyed it so much. Two Italians did it for me!

  12. Marie

    What a joyous remembrance of you and the good work you gave as a Sister of Charity of Nazareth. Enjoy your Mass w your ‘nephew’ and his congregation.

  13. Kelly

    This is beautiful, Evelyn! It’s wonderful you got a “shout out”..


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