Sister Cornelia begins her new mission

Posted by Addie Woods

October 25, 2021

Sister Cornelia Ekka has recently started her new mission in Kenya. Sister Cornelia is being introduced to the Catholic Community in St. Paul’s parish and its outstations. She has met Bishop Willybard Lagho, the Bishop of Malindi Diocese. Along with Sisters Vinaya Chalil and Philo Hembrom, she visits families and attends the BCC prayers. She occasionally visits the children at St. Francis Assisi Pre-primary school at Marereni where the SCNs reside. Sister Cornelia is assigned to this school. She will begin her formal language classes soon. The small SCN community in Kenya is very happy to have her.


  1. Regina Courey

    What an opportunity to be Christ.

  2. Rena Fernandes

    God bless 🙏 you Cornelia. You are in right place. Fitting for you that mission. Children and people look very happy.

  3. rita puthenkalam

    Praying blessings on your ministry in Kenya!
    May you continue in the spirit of Vincent de Paul and Catherine Spalding your pioneering ministry.

    Warmest blessings!

  4. Blanche Correia SCN


    Great ! My prayers will be always with you .

  5. Ann Moyalan

    It is great news that Corne started her ministry in Kenya. May God be with you Vinaya, Philo & Corne as you live & spread God’s Kingdom.

  6. Sr. Deepti SCN

    Wish you the very best Corne as you begin your life and ministry in Kenya. Lots of love to all three of you.


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