Sister Beverly Missioning

Posted by Dana Hinton

January 17, 2023

Beverly Hoffman, SCN, missioned to New Orleans

“Beverly, you go in our name and with our blessing. As Catherine says: ‘Community must be the center from which all our good works emanate and in the name of the community all must be done.”‘

The House of Charity “seeks to model collaboration among member congregations of the Charity Federation, witness religious life to a new generation of young adults, serve persons who are poor in their rebuilding efforts in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, and offer opportunities for vocational discernment and volunteer service, especially to young adults.” (Global Sisters Report).

Hallmarks of the House of Charity include prayer, reflection, service, hospitality and intentional community.


  1. Mary Braley

    How fortunate are they who will experience your life giving presence at the House of Charity ministry!
    My love and prayer are with you. ❤️

  2. Bev Hoffman, SCN

    Thank you everyone for your prayers and support! I have arrived in New Orleans safe and sound. Looking forward to many new experiences and adventures, allowing the Holy Spirit to lead. I am so blessed to be part of this SCN family. Together, we are unleashing unstoppable Charity in our world!

  3. Ann Susan Villa

    Beverly, God bless you each day of your new ministry.

  4. Dot Jackson

    Bev know that you will be protected by our God.
    Do share you gifts which will be shared by the
    people in the area. Know that the Spirit will be
    with you. Dot Jackson

  5. jessie saldanha

    Dear Bev ,pray for God’s abundance of Blessings upon you. Thank you for saying YES to this noble mission in the name of all SCNs . As you embark on this new missionary Journey may God accompany you always as you continue to share your giftedness to the people. All shall be well Bev !!!

  6. rita puthenkalam

    Blessings on your new mission, Bev! You are certainly a woman with an urge to be where you are most needed.
    Your simplicity, creativity, and generosity stand you in good stead as you embark on this mission.
    Blessings in abundance!

  7. Brenda Gonzales

    I hope your first day of travel went well. May your transition go smoothly. Blessing on this new call.

    • Maria Brocato

      I know you and New Orleanscwill be blessed by your presence there. May it be another fruitful adventure in dedicated ministry.

  8. Angie Shaughnessy

    You have so much to give. Thank you for saying yes. May you be blessed!!

    • Lilly Thomas

      Bev, blessings for your new mission. You have much to share with the people over there.May God walk with you

  9. Martha L. Walsh SCN

    I was just reflecting on your prose of 2/9/2009 written during that July Assembly, before opening my computer. There you are. Godspeed on ypur new mission. S. Martha

  10. Maggie Cooper

    So happy about your new cal to mission, Bev! Blessings on you as you move forward!

  11. Kate DuVal, SSND

    Deep gratitude for your “yes” to this call, Bev! May our prayerful support be a source of energy, strength and peace as you offer your gifts of generosity, creativity, compassion, inclusivity and so many others! Keep us posted on your experiences!

    • Anne O'Shea

      May blessings of light and love surround you as you begin a new and exciting part of your journey.
      Ann and Anne Marie

      • Mary. K. A

        Pioneers we are called to be. Blessings to you on your mission to be significantly an SCN in every way. Be the light💡 that you are.

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