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Posted by Spalding Hurst

March 31, 2021

Last week, one of the SCCs (Small Christian Communities) of our outstation parish had their weekly prayer in our house. After prayer, they gifted us with a tea table for the sitting room, provision items, and some cash. The SCCs in this diocese are very active and vibrant. A couple of days ago we visited the home of the Chairperson of St. Paul’s Gongoni Parish Council who is also the Secretary of a Cooperative known as SACCO. They give loans to small entrepreneurs. He and his wife gifted the Sisters with the T-shirt of the Cooperative.

The schools are closed until mid-May. The completing classes Standard/grade 8 of primary section and Form 4 of Secondary section are having their final exams.

We have started language classes informally. A teacher from the local primary school is helping us to learn the language, Swahili.

We hope to do some shopping and get the basic necessary things we need for our living. There is a surge of COVID in Kenya, especially in the cities. So the Government officials have called the people to follow safety protocols. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Your Sisters,
Vinaya and Philo


  1. Anna Marie Rhodes

    Mother Catherine is indeed alive in Kenya!

  2. Liz

    We are so blessed! Thank you! It is wonderful to hear of Small Christian Communities! That sounds like Catherine Spalding and House Church groups! Holy Week solidarity!

  3. Ann Palatty

    Getting to be on the acceptance level of your people is a great accomplishment. With the people walking with you, you can go miles without being afraid. Keep being involved.

  4. Ancilla

    I am so inspired the way already started entering the lives of the people and experience ING their generosity. Praise God.

  5. Beena Chirackal

    It brought tears in my eyes hearing the sharing attitude of the simple people of malindi. May god bless them and May God continue to protect and bless you all to spread His kingdom of Love and Peace.

  6. Blanche Correia

    You are in safe hands of our Loving God . God is directing you .Beautiful sharing .
    Have a blessed holy week and Happy Easter !

  7. Name *Joel

    My very dear Missionaries,
    Your up dates are soul lifting. Youseem to be already part of the people and environ.
    Thank you!


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