Serving Belize

Posted by Dana Hinton

February 21, 2022

The Sisters along with Miriam (focus discernment) and Lauren Sprigg (SCN volunteer) were at it again, serving those in need. A hot meal of homemade Creole bread, refried beans and sausages and banana muffins were made by the crew and served with a bottle of juice. An extra gift of toothpaste and a toothbrush was also given to all those who received a plate of food.


  1. Elizabeth Field

    Thank you and blessings for many years to come~!!

  2. Brenda Gonzales

    Thank you for all that each of you have and are doing for those in need. Brings back memories of earlier days in Belize 😊❤️🙏

  3. Christine Beckett

    So grateful for your presence and service to our sisters and brothers in Belize!!! Blessings to Miriam as she discerns her call and to Lauren during this time serving as a volunteer in mission!!!

  4. Luke

    So proud of my sisters and our SCN volunteer, Lauren.

    • Maggie Cooper

      Wonderful to hear! What a impressive project! Great to see you all! A very special treat to see Lauren looking at home and really involved and enjoying her time there!
      Blessings on everyone!

    • Ellen Sprigg

      Love seeing the fun everyone is having serving together—a great team!


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