Selflessness of Serving

Posted by Ava Culver

January 26, 2024

On Jan. 18, 2024, Sisters Barbara Joseph Lammers, Rosemarie Kirwan, and Brenda Gonzales all read Sister Paris Slapikas social media request for putting their skills to work amid terrible weather for the sake of others. These Sisters are answering the call for hats and scarfs for those in need at the Sister Visitor Center in Louisville where Sister Paris is the Director.

When talking to the Sisters about wanting to answer this call to help others it was obvious they truly had a passion for wanting to give others the chance to be just as comfortable as they are in this world. Not only do these Sisters create these scarfs and hats, Sister Brenda says that she’ll say a prayer with every stitch for the person who is going to receive that creation. The dedication and passion these Sister have to help others is one that we should all grow to have.

As what St. Vincent said: “Do what is in front of you.” Our prayers are for all who are suffering because of the weather currently.


  1. Carl

    Please make the people donating their time comfortable. I can appreciate what they do.

  2. Fr. Ron Knott

    Proud of my friend Sr. Rosemarie Kirwan. She is always doing something to help others. She is an SCN Energizer Bunny for sure!
    Fr. Ron Knott

  3. rita puthenkalam

    I admire the way you always find something useful to do to help those in need.

  4. Paris Slapikas

    So grateful to each of you! Thank you for your kindness.


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