Seema Monippallikalayil, SCN

Posted by Spalding Hurst

May 24, 2019

Seema Monippallikalayil, SCN (63), a native of Ayarkunnam, Kannur district, had been a professed Sister for 39 years.

Sister Seema’s eighty-eight year old mother is living with her son and his family in Kerala. Seema’s identical twin, Sister Anila, SCN is present with us. Her two sisters, Lailamma, Missiamma and their family are in Kerala.

Sister Seema joined the SCN community as a Candidate in 1973. She completed part of her professional studies before she joined the pre-novitiate and Novitiate program in 1978. Sister Seema made her First Profession on March 25, 1980 and Final Vows on May 4, 1986.

She had her formation in Mokama, Ranchi and Sokho. Her formators were Sisters Josita Eniakattu, Shalini D’Souza and Teresita Theruvankunnel.

Sister Seema completed her Bachelor of Education from St. Xavier’s College, Jamshedpur and her Master’s degree in Arts from Kamraj University, Madurai. She served as a teacher and principal for a total of 36 years in SCN owned and diocesan schools in India and Nepal.

  • Chatra: – May 1980- Dec 1980:Teacher
  • Sale: 1981- June 1983: Teacher
  • Mokama: July 1983 – Dec 1985: BA student
  • Damak, Nepal: 1986 – 1988: Teacher
  • Gaya: Jan – May 1988: In-charge of Nazareth Pre-school, Gaya
  • Kathmandu: March 1989 – May 1991: Director of Navjyoti centre
  • Birsanagar, Jamshedpur: June 1991 – June 1993: Principal
  • Sale: July 1993 – June 1998: Principal
  • Gomoh: July 1998 – June 2000: Teacher
  • Kakkavayal: June 2000- June 2001: Community service
  • Trichy: June 2001 – June 2002: Teacher
  • Kakkavayal: June 2002 – June 2004: Teacher St. Joseph’s school, Bathery, Kerala
  • XITE, Gamaria: July 2004 – June 2007: Teacher
  • Gaya: June 2007 – June 2016: Teacher & Vice principal

Sister Seema taught catechism in the schools as well as in the parishes on Sundays and prepared the children for First Holy Communion and Confirmation. She was deeply spiritual and she shared her gifts and aspirations in community for our mission to be fruitful.

In 2016 she was diagnosed with cancer and had undergone treatment since then both from Kurji Holy Family Hospital, Patna and Nazareth Hospital, Mokama. In spite of suffering much from her illness in later years Sister Seema always had a ready smile for everyone whom she met.

Till the end of her life she loved teaching and she taught some classes to the candidates, novices. She also coached a few poor school-going children from the neighbourhood in Mokama.

Sister Seema was a very loving, approachable and self-giving person who dedicated her whole self to her SCN community and in her teaching ministry. She was a person of maturity and wisdom. She was very quiet, reflective and was an avid reader. She enjoyed the company and laughter of friends and sisters; and a hard worker with a lot of practical knowledge. She was not afraid to speak the truth even if she had to face some difficulties because of that.

She had strong conviction to follow her God. Wherever she had been, she established a good rapport with the students, teachers and parents. She was a community builder, committed missionary and a lover of nature. The staff and students confided in her and she loved them deeply. She had a very good command on languages both Hindi and English. Putting up with any hardship or shortage of conveniences was a never a problem for Seema. She was a very innovative and creative person.

Sister Seema was a woman of God; she constantly searched for meaning in life and believed in her call as a missionary- a person for others in Christ. She found inner peace through prayer and deep trust in her God.

The many struggles in her life enabled her to accept life as it came and surrendered herself to God. She possessed a compassionate heart and she sought ways to reach out to them.

She always found solace in her God. Living in harmony and peace was her heart’s desire and she made every effort in her own ways to follow it in her life.

Sister Seema, may you rest in peace with your God. As we bid farewell to you, we will miss your physical presence. Know that you will always remain in our hearts till we meet again.


  1. Nalini Meachariyil

    Thanks for the video.Being very far away I missed being with you all for the funeral but watching the video helped me to say my good bye to Seema and to be one with all those present in Mokama.

  2. Leena

    Thanks Malini !! while watching this video I could feel present to say good bye to Seema ! I missed her funeral.

  3. Sister Vijaya

    I was blessed to have an opportunity to live with Seema.. Will cherish those memories.


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