SCNs Welcome First ‘Companion of Charity’

Posted by Kacie Emmerson

September 8, 2023

A new form of relationship within the Western Province called Companions of Charity has begun. This is for those who wish to share the SCN charism in a deeper way.

The first member of Companions of Charity, Melissa Calvi, arrived in Kentucky on Sept. 2. She spent one week at Nazareth and on Friday headed to Belize City, Belize, where she will be living out her commitment as a Companion of Charity – sharing community life, prayer, and service for one year with our Sisters there.

Melissa grew up in a small country village in Northern Italy but most recently has been living in Ireland. She has a connection to Belize through a family friend and has visited the country twice. Of the many countries Melissa has visited throughout her life, Belize captures her heart the most, which led her to seek out volunteer opportunities and then to connect with the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth.

Melissa Calvi stops by Old St. Thomas (at left, pictured with SCNs Luke Boiarski and Sharon Gray) and the Mother Catherine statue in Louisville (at right).

During her time in Kentucky, she met many Sisters living at Nazareth and Louisville and learned of their lives. She learned many stories about Catherine Spalding and experienced some of the history of the SCN community by visiting Nazareth’s Heritage Hall, Old St. Thomas, the Cathedral of the Assumption and other important sites. She met with SCNs who have been in ministry in Belize for a special sharing of Belize experiences and memories, including a Belizean meal. In addition, there was time to experience the Kentucky culture and beauty with a tour of Maker’s Mark Distillery and Bernheim Forest.

Melissa Calvi, left, the new Companion of Charity, and Chris Kunze, SCN, right, pose in front of the Mama Loumari wooden sculpture at Bernheim Forest. Melissa had a chance to visit Nazareth, Louisville and other interesting spots during her time in Kentucky before departing for Belize.

After Mass on Thursday, the SCN community gathered to bless Melissa as she begins her commitment as a Companion of Charity. She departs for Belize on Friday and will be ministering with the youth of Belize as a librarian at St. Martin de Porres Primary School and at St. John’s Junior College. We hold her in prayer as she begins this new moment in her journey.

Melissa Calvi visits with Sisters of Charity of Nazareth living in Louisville.


  1. Sister Judy Hayes SCL

    WHAT A SPLENDID IDEA. Blessings on her journey and this new concept.

  2. Elizabeth Field, SCNA

    Wonderful ideal and news of this new outreach program! Thanks to all for this creative effort!


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