SCNAs of Chandapura meet virtually

Posted by Spalding Hurst

August 5, 2020

A virtual SCNA meeting was definitely a first-time experience for most of our Associates in Chandapura. SCNs Bridget Vadakeattam and Blanche Correia chaired the session on 5th August, 2020. Beginning with a prayer, the associates sensed the congregational oneness while viewing the video “We are many parts”. Further, each associate shared the blessings and challenges she faced in relation to the pandemic and lockdown. Deepening of prayer life, nurturing family relationships, becoming a blessing to the poor and needy, and a fear of uncertainties are some highlights of their sharing. Most of them were grateful to the SCNs for being instrumental in reaching out during the COVID-19 crisis.
The sisters shared videos on the plight of the migrant workers in the country during the lockdown followed by Sister Gracy’s migrant ministry works. Our associates were in touch with the news of the country and the world which helped them connect to these realities.

They were asked to evaluate this one year since their first promise and were posed with a question ‘If they would like to continue as an SCN associate’. The associates were very grateful to the sisters for organizing the meeting and expressed their desire to meet virtually at least twice in a month to be in touch with the Spirit of the SCN congregation. ‏


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