Belize City SCNAs collaborate to serve those living in poverty due to COVID-19.

As the Country of Belize battles the COVID-19 pandemic, the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Associates (SCNAs) with its available resources try to find effective and efficient ways to give back to residents who have been affected the hardest by the pandemic.

With some businesses closing their doors due to the country’s economic situation, the unemployment rate is on the increase. Residents are now faced with the difficult questions as to how they will provide for their families, how they can keep the roof over their heads, food on the table, and clothes on their back when no source of income is coming in.

The Sisters of Charity Of Nazareth Associates in Belize City teamed up with CDRT-Community Disaster Response Team, to see how they could work together to address some of the needs of the residents on the Southside of the City. They prepared and distributed 24 pantry bags and $10-$25 gift cards in the community. For the next initiative, they are presently in the process of collecting clothes and any household items to later distribute to those who seek that type of assistance. Below are pictures of the distribution of pantry and grocery gift cards. Many thanks to the SCNAs who organized and completed this activity!