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Posted by Spalding Hurst

June 6, 2017

“Arrived in Belize City on Saturday morning safe and sound, as the young women were filled with enthusiasm, as we begin our Mission experience. On Sunday, we were treated to a wonderful Belizean meal with Sister Amina Bejos’s family in San Ignacio. Listening to the different dialects and languages, it indeed, felt like “Pentecost” and filled with the Spirit of service. Monday, we began our first project of painting the interior of Yasha House, which is a home for young women who need a safe place to reside. The young women are a delight to be with. Presentation should be proud!”

Sister Luke / More photos


  1. Christine Beckett, SCN

    So glad to see our Pres Girls in mission in Belize! Enjoy and look forward to hearing all the news when you return to Pres!

  2. Brenda Gonzales, SCN

    So happy to hear all is going well. Enjoy the jewel Belize.

  3. Maria Brocato

    We are proud and grateful of our young Pres women! Blessings to every one,
    Sister Maria and Mary Gene

    • Marian Stenken

      May the fire of the Spirit continue to burn in you as you serve the needy. God bless each of you.
      Sister Marian Stenken


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