The following is an update from the SCNs in Trichy about the SCN Associate Program:

Like Catherine Spalding, we carry out our mission in joy and hope, relying on the prayerful support of others, knowing that to evangelize we must be evangelized, “The Love of Christ impels us.”

Walking in the footsteps of Mother Catherine Spalding, our foundress, reminiscing about the roots of our origin at Kentucky, embracing the Charism of the Congregation, and living out the Spirit of St.Vincent de Paul, we the Sisters at Trichy, invited nine candidates to participate in an orientation program to be SCNAs of the Bangalore Province. This took place on August 19 and August 21, 2021, at Snehalayam and Asha Deepam respectively. 

Blanche Correia, SCN, the coordinator of the SCNA Program initiated the orientation at Trichy. The members, Mrs. Nirmala Rani, Mrs. Monica, Mrs. Savari Thangam, Mr. Divya Nathan, Mrs. Bernadette, Mrs. Christy, Mrs. Pauline, Mrs. Roseline Francis and Mrs. Roseline Vimala were welcomed and anointed with sandalwood paste. After a short prayer, Sister Blanche gave an introduction on the SCNA Program and a powerpoint presentation about the mission and ministry of the Congregation across the globe. She also discussed the life, history, motivation, and spirit of St.Vincent de Paul whose life was transformed by God’s intervention to serve the poor and find Christ in them.

Sister Blanche and other SCNs shared and engaged with the candidates. The session concluded with an invitation to the candidates to be part of a spiritual journey with the two SCN communities prior to making a promise on September 27, 2022, to be committed SCNAs, and collaborators in the SCN mission and ministry.

To view photos of the recent program, click here.