SCN Associate Weekend

Posted by Spalding Hurst

September 22, 2019

Sisters and Associates gathered at Nazareth for a weekend gathering entitled, “Put Out Into the Deep”. Judy Gomilla, MSC served as the main presenter.

Four Candidates made their first commitment as an Associate. They are: Elizabeth Field, Mary Helline, Joyce Lasseter and Shirley Patterson.

This year, six persons renewed his/her commitment as an Associate for three years: Millard Boggs, Betty Lewis, Jim O’Connell, Steve Schmitt, Marie Underwood and Beth Vetter.

This year, sixteen persons made a lifetime commitment as an Associate: Joanne Andiorio, Paula Duane, Carolyn Fegenbush, Felix Garza, Mary Alice Kurtz, Ruth Lowe, Judith Martin, Margaret McCollum, Pat McKim, Maria Melendez, Bette Nelson, Carol Newton, Teddie Niedzwiedz, Renee Noonan, Donna Schmidt and Karen Schmitt.

Archived video from the weekend can be found here:

Photos can be found here:


  1. Pamela A. O'Connell

    Congrats to all new SCNAs! Wondrous time!!

  2. Sister Luke

    Congratulations to Andy Meyer, Tammy Mattingly and to every person who made this weekend so alive and spirit filled.
    Sister Judy was a marvelous presenter.
    Sister Luke

  3. Mary Hardesty

    It was a wonderful weekend.Very Spirit filled and I have come home rejuvenated!

  4. Judy Donohue

    Thanks to the SCNA office for a great weekend!


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