The Vocation Team for the Charity Federation held a retreat, “Discerning a Mission of Love,” at the House of Charity in New Orleans. Chris Kunze, SCN, helped lead the retreat in which four women participated. Miriam Juarez, SCN candidate, was one of the retreat participants. The time included getting to know one another and sharing each one’s journey of discernment.

Time was spent at Lake Pontchartrain reflecting on Jesus’ call to “plunge into the deep” and how the founders of the Federation, Saints Vincent, Louise, and Elizabeth Seton, responded to this call in their lives. A visual prayer experience included making a picture card as a way of plunging into the deep of their own lives and the wisdom that lies within. A dinner out to have a taste of New Orleans and experience a bit of the culture was also part of the weekend.

One participant shared this reflection about the retreat experience: 

“Space. This weekend has given me space. Room to stretch out of the cramped conditions I confine myself to. Space to open. Space to open up my heart … Diving into the deep, carrying home with you wherever you go. Home. Home, they say, is where the heart is. Home, then, is in community with Sisters, all on separate journeys. All rooted. All firmly intertwined. Their heart is charity.”