Reconnecting at General Assembly

Posted by Kacie Emmerson

June 4, 2023

Participants have had a chance to reconnect while visiting Nazareth for General Assembly.

SCNAs from Belize reconnect with SCNs they have known over the years. Great stories were shared at breakfast when Therese Ariola from Dangriga, Belize, ate with Sister Ann Moylan, who helped her when she was teaching in San Antonio and pregnant. She would come to the clinic where Sister Ann was working. Therese’s son is now 38. Also Pictured is Matthew Martinez, SCNA. Therese said being at Nazareth is a dream come true.


Missionaries in Belize reunite with Therese Ariola, SCNA. Sister Maggie, Sister Kitty, Sister Ann and Sister Brenda are pictured with her.


  1. Mary Gene Frank

    It was a joy to see them together.

  2. Ann Moyalan scn

    Such a wonderful reunion! My heart is filled with joy & gratitude for the great ministry in Belize.

  3. Maria Brocato

    What a joyous reconnecting! I am so happy for you all.

  4. Marie Underwood

    I can just imagine the excitement that was felt when they saw one another. Big smiles all around.


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