Bring Water and Hope to Kenya

Marereni, Kenya

This Giving Tuesday, the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth are on a mission to install life-changing rainwater tanks in Marereni, Kenya, to care for those facing critical water shortages including the Sisters who minister there.

This Giving Tuesday, an opportunity beckons for each heart to be a vessel of compassion and change. In the spirit of our faith, which teaches the virtue of caring for our global family, we invite you to join a mission of vital importance in Marereni, Kenya.

In Marereni, a reality of hardship unfolds daily. The people here face a relentless challenge – access to clean, fresh water. The groundwater, tainted with high salinity, is unsuitable for consumption. The local water supply, hindered by inadequate pressure, fails to reach these villages. For years, drought has ravaged this land, sparing not even the crops that sustain life. The people, including over 200 students at St. Francis Assisi School, often endure days without a single drop of water.

Support our cause and empower Sister Helan Sathiya’s mission as she dedicates herself to teaching and nurturing young minds.

This Giving Tuesday, your support can turn the tide for the people of Marereni. It’s not just about providing water; it’s about nurturing a community, about embodying the love and compassion at the heart of our faith. Every contribution brings us closer to a world where no child, woman, or man in Marereni has to endure a day without water.

Reservoirs of Life

Our project aims to install rainwater tanks at the SCN residence, in the school, and in the homes of several families. They will collect rainwater for drinking, cooking, washing, and even sustaining livestock. Imagine the relief and joy as children at the school no longer thirst, as families can nurture kitchen gardens, and as communities come together, sharing this precious resource. The tanks, while stationed in specific locations, will serve extended families and neighbors, fostering a spirit of togetherness and mutual care.

Thank you.

Thank you for considering this vital cause. Together, we can bring forth a wellspring of hope and change!