Academy of Dreams

Marereni, Kenya

There is a school in Kenya where dreams are hindered not by lack of ambition, but by the lack of space. St. Francis of Assisi Academy in Marereni, Kenya, provides quality education and Christian values to a community facing immense challenges.

Progress toward the goal of:

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Caroline was refused admission to the local government school due to her age. Her father, despite financial hardship, bought her a uniform for St. Francis, hoping she could attend. The Sisters helped get her admitted and covered fees. She now dreams of becoming a teacher like her mentor, Sister Helan Sathiya.

Thomas, a bright 13-year-old, was absent when the school reopened for the new year. His family, struggling with poverty, could not afford his school fees. Sister Vinaya Chalil stepped in to garner support to cover his tuition. Now Thomas is ready to advance to the fourth grade to continue his education. With your support, the community’s plea to upgrade the school to grade six can be answered.

There are many such Thomases and Carolines in Marereni. The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth wish to help all of them realize their dreams.

St. Francis Academy is in an economically disadvantaged area reliant on agriculture and fishing, both affected by drought heightened by climate change. Many children drop out of school. With your support, the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth can expand four more classrooms, a staff room, and an office to upgrade the school to grade six.

Will you join us in this mission?

A gift of support can make a profound difference. Together, we are giving the gift of education and a brighter future for many. By contributing to new classrooms and facilities, you help children complete their primary education in a nurturing environment.

Thank you.

Thank you for considering this vital cause. Together, we can help save lives and empower communities.