Presentation Students at Nazareth

Posted by Dana Hinton

February 9, 2024

Presentation Academy junior-class students, accompanied by Amina Bejos, SCN, spent a full day at Nazareth to interact with the Sisters and connect with the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth roots. The day began with “Conversation with a Sister,” in which students had an opportunity to ask questions and learn about the life experiences of a Sister. One Sister delightfully recalled the parting words of the two students she conversed with, “Thank you for laughing with us,” they told her!

Next, the students could attend Mass with the Sisters or engage in a service activity. The service activities included helping to organize the Nursing Office, creating birthday cards for donors of the SCN missions, or assisting in the removal of invasive plant species on the Nazareth grounds. They worked up an appetite to enjoy lunch and more time to talk with the Sisters. Afterward, the students had a short presentation given by Teresa Kotturan, SCN about the United Nations, the moral issues affecting our world, and the importance of being informed to have an impact for good. The time at Nazareth concluded with a blessing of the students at the gravesite of Mother Catherine Spalding, who helped begin Presentation Academy in 1831.


  1. Ann Palatty

    Such a touching experience both for the students and the sisters. Love has no age barrier.

  2. Debra Kehl

    What a rich experience for them. I’m sure they will reflect upon the day all their activities and hope they weave them into their life. 💕 I sure have since being taught by the sisters, knowing their lifestyles, I’ve come to live a simple less stressed spiritual life. Very Grateful 🙏 You Glow Girls 😇👍

  3. judith martin

    Great to have Presentation students at Nazareth…..thanks for sharing
    Enjoyed the photographs..
    Judith Martin , SCNA
    Pres Grad 1959

  4. Angie

    So glad they could come!!

  5. Rosemarie Kirwan

    That sounds like a wonderful day, Amina. I think you should bring them back again!


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