Preschool graduations in Botswana

Posted by Spalding Hurst

December 20, 2021

2021 Graduation at St. Bakhita Preschool, Kanye and St. Mary’s Preschool, Lobatse

Every year the month of December has been very busy for all the preschools in Botswana. For St. Bakhita and St. Mary’s, it was no different.

It was a great day for parents, staff and children as 16 graduated on Dec. 10 from St. Bakhita Preschool, in Kanye.

18 children graduated on Dec. 17 from St. Mary’s Preschool, in Lobatse.

On this auspicious day parents, guests of honors, invited guests, well-wishers, priests, and Sisters were present. The children performed poems, nursery rhymes, skits, bible stories recitations, and speeches. All in the audience enjoyed, relaxed and admired the children for their tremendous memory power and for their excellent, courageous, confident and colorful performance on the stage.

Sisters Bibiana Kindo and Mary Michael Dang, principals of the two schools, as well as the Staff of each were much appreciated for their hard work, commitment, and all their efforts to make the children’s special day a successful one.

At the end take away food was served to all and dispersed with the happiest of memories of the occasion.

See more photos here.


  1. Angie Shaughnessy SCN

    So proud of our sisters and this wonderful ministry.

  2. Ann Moyalan scn

    Hearty Congratulations DEAR SISTERS Bibiana , Mary Michal Dang and team. It is great to see all the graduates. Congratulations to each one f them.

  3. Julie

    What a program! All of us who have worked with children know how much work the principals, teachers and staff did. Parents must be grateful to you. We are proud of you.


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