Pres cross-country team enjoys a day at Nazareth

Posted by Dana Hinton

September 19, 2023

On a beautiful Saturday morning, several members of the Presentation Academy Cross-Country team came to the Nazareth campus for a unique team activity. Accompanied by the head coach and Sister Chris Kunze, SCN, the students enjoyed a run around the Nazareth campus. Afterward, they went in pairs on a “scavenger hunt” to locate the various sites of Nazareth. Some sites they had to locate included the many statues, Mother Catherine’s headstone, railroad crossing lights, a selfie with the security guard, a honey bee colony, and a deer.

After the fun and competitive scavenger hunt, the team had a rousing game of ultimate frisbee before ending their time with lunch at the Motherhouse.


  1. Elizabeth Field, SCNA

    This is a very creative way of showing young girls the spirit and grounds of Nazareth – maybe allowing the Spirit to inspire future vocations. Great to see this happen, Sr. Chris!

  2. Shirley Patterson , SCNA

    O to be young again!

  3. Sister Angie Shaughnessy

    So proud of my greatniece, Clara Kelty, and all the Pres women!

  4. Betty Blandford scn

    As a former Pres girl 👧 am so happy to hear of your visit to Nazareth. You are always welcome !😇

  5. Maria Brocato

    Sister Chris, what a fun experience you planned for these Pres girls.

  6. Maggie Cooper

    Wow! It was good to meet you and to share our grounds with you!!! Sounds like you had a fun time here!
    So glad to hear what you did!


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