In Kenya, a prolonged drought has taken a heavy toll on the country. Since September, much of Kenya’s north has received less than 30 percent of normal rainfall – the worst short-rain season recorded in decades. The lack of rainfall has wiped out pastures and exacerbated food and water shortages.

That changed recently. Sister Vinaya shares:

Thank you for your prayers for rain for us. This morning at 4:00 am we had a heavy down pour. We had never seen such heavy rain since our arrival in the country. Our rain water tank which is adjacent to the building is full. We even have a small tank to collect rain water near the kitchen. Plenty water for the next three months. By God’s grace we had sufficient water from the rain and never had to buy water since we came. If no rain water is always available to buy which is also rather cheap. God is good!

The small tank near the kitchen.