Prayer Serves as a Unifying Factor for Peace

October 30, 2023

Prayer has recently become a unifying force for bringing humanity together. People across the globe are praying for a lasting peace between Israel and Palestine.

During this time of conflict and suffering, staff and students of Nazareth School, Chandapura, unified in the spirit of compassion and humanity, raising their hearts in prayer for peace on Oct. 21, 2023. The children sincerely pleaded for peace in Israel and Palestine, as well as relief from several other catastrophes throughout the world. The staff and students offered lighted candles as a mark of sympathy for the conflict victims of Gaza and Palestine.

The vibrations of peace, love, and compassion flooded the air as they observed a few minutes silently while reciting a prayer for peace across the globe. There were several intriguing and persuasive phrases depicting the message of peace and love.



  1. Ann Palatty

    They say “God hears children’s prayer.” May your prayer enhance peace in Israel, Palestine and the whole world.

  2. Rosemarie Kirwan

    Thank you for such an inspiration. If we as members of the human race would only live respecting each other. May the children lead us.

  3. Barbara Gilmetti

    Such a beautiful group of children in prayer. Children’s prayers are very powerful!
    May we all join with them as we seek a way to bring PEACE to our world!!


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