‘Pawsitively’ Happy

Posted by Kacie Emmerson

October 17, 2022

The Sisters had a special visit from some furry friends this week as two dogs from Canines for Christ were on the Nazareth campus Monday afternoon.

Blessing, a 10-year-old black mixed breed, and Deacon, a 4-year-old solid white Samoyed, dazzled the Sisters with their calm demeanor, fluffy coats, and pawshakes. The dogs are “adopted siblings,” said Libby Lambert-Stava, who owns the dogs with her husband, Lee Stava. The couple has been visiting locations with therapy dogs since 2015. Libby said she got started after seeing how canine visits lifted the spirits of her cousin while he was in hospice care.

Eventually, they joined Canines for Christ, an international Christian outreach ministry, because they wanted to be able to pray with those they visited. As the Sisters stopped by the courtyard area to greet Blessing and Deacon, each was handed a card with the dog’s name, a Bible quote, and a prayer. Libby said they take the dogs to a variety of locations, including assisted living facilities and nursing homes, adult care centers, those who are homebound, libraries and eventually schools once they reopen more to visitors. The couple is also working with a foster care group.

As evidenced by the delight on the Sisters’ faces and tail wags from the dog duo, the visit was rewarding and fun for all involved. For Libby and Lee, Canine’s for Christ has offered an opportunity to not only spread joy and share God’s message of love, hope and kindness but also to connect with communities like the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth.

“I am sure we have received more blessings than we have given,” Libby said of the ministry.



  1. Paula

    I love the story about the sisters

  2. Rita Davis, SCN

    Both dogs were soooo sweet. When I said, ‘Want to shake paws?’, each dog in turn lifted its paw to hold. What a calming, sweet 20 dogs to bring comfort and joy to persons who need some! Thanks to ‘Paws for Christ’ for bringing them.


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