Nazareth Tree Walk

Posted by Spalding Hurst

October 4, 2021

The Office of Ecological Sustainability announces the release of the Nazareth Tree Walk. Designed to help interpret some of Nazareth’s trees to guests and retreatants as they walk the campus, it also promotes native tree species and the important role they play in a healthy ecosystem. This past year’s Season of Creation has focused on creating a home for all. The Nazareth Tree Walk discusses how native trees provide a home for a number of other native species, as well as providing food and materials for native Americans and pioneers.



  1. Maggie Cooper

    Wow! What a walk! I loved it. I plan to take this video with me on a nature walk as soon as I can.
    Thanks SO much!!

    • Betty Seay

      I hope to do it soon

  2. Martha Walsh CN

    A beautiful arboretum! Loved the birdsong as well. No redbird tree? Saw my first one in Bernheim, years ago in Spring. Do it again in Spring, please. Martha

  3. Linda Soltis

    Thank you for this wonderful tree walk. I have always been awed and fascinated by the trees at Nazareth. I have now learned about these wonderful trees. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us so that we can appreciate the trees even more .

  4. Jo Paulin

    Thank you Sisters Rosie and Kelly for taking the time to share this with us. Nazareth is made beautiful by all the trees and flowers on campus. Walking the grounds is so peaceful as the birds are chirping as you walk. I loved it!

  5. Patsy Buckler, SCNA

    I enjoyed viewing the Tree Walk with Sisters Rosie and Kelly. It reminded me of a week long silent retreat I made while a student at Nazareth Academy. I sat under a few of the trees mentioned during that time.
    The history of the various types of trees was very interesting.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge of the many beautiful trees.

  6. Basanti Lakra

    I felt privileged to join Nazareth Tree Walk tour by our two guides Rosemarie and Kelly as I viewed the video. Well done! Good to know about those trees that they provide Provide habitats for many species. Nazareth campus indeed is very rich. Thanks to SCN Sisters and care takers who keep this Camus so beautiful.

  7. Janice Downs, SCN

    Kelly and Rosie, I loved this tour of our campus, and thought of other trees that could be featured in a second production of the tree walk. And I, too, recall the signs placed near many of our trees in the early 1960’s. I wish we could have similar ways of identifying the current trees.

  8. Connie Tarallo

    Rosie and Kelly, thanks to you both for sharing with us your knowledge of some of our trees at Nazareth. Well done!

  9. Martha Borders

    Rosie & Kelly,

    Nicely done! I didn’t realize there were so many different types of trees on campus. It appeared to be a good day for a Nazareth tree walk. Loved it! 😃

    Than you both!

  10. Annette Skees

    Loved the tree walk! It brought back memories of the trees being marked with the name of each one when I was a student at Nazareth Academy. Also the sudden dropping of the ginkgo leaves — that always fascinated me. Thank you for doing this!

  11. Marietta

    Thank you…Kelly and Rosemarie,
    it was precious!

    • Sarah Ferriell

      Your tour of the Nazareth Trees made for a delightful and refreshing ‘walk’


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