The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth’s Office of Ecological Sustainability is partnering with New Pioneers for a Sustainable Future, a community non-profit organization based in Springfield, KY, to host “Stream Team” a monthly program empowering youth ages 9-18 to learn about and protect local waterways. This program is developed through curriculum from the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service, and is supported by the Nelson County 4-H program.

This program will bring youth and families to Nazareth once a month to learn about the importance of watersheds and, ultimately, to act as citizen scientists and to test the water quality of Froman Creek, which flows through Nazareth and connects to the Salt River Watershed. “Stream Team” aims to empower participants to recognize their role in caring for their watershed – an area of land where all runoff flows to a common point – and all life on Earth.

Watersheds are important because they represent the larger environmental reality that the entire environment is affected by how we treat our environment closer to home. At Nazareth, erosion control and filtration practices (such as maintaining buffer zones of plants around lakes) and land management strategies (such as tree plantings and maintaining forest health by removing invasive species) affect the water quality of Froman Creek, which affects the Ohio River, the Mississippi River, and the Gulf of Mexico (eventually). Learning how to care for our waterways close to home has a big impact!

This program has been coordinated in line with the Sisters’ mission “to care for the earth” and in line with the Laudato Si’ Action Platform’s goal of environmental education.

If you know any families with youth ages 9-18, please share this program with them.